Skeleton Proof Tanks/AGENT FAILURE

Album: ...Of Thieves And Wolves (2010)

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Song: The Mongolian Death Worm

Bitrate: 160kbps

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Formed in 2004-2007, this Death/Doom/Black Metal act released two full lengths a 3" and an EP titled "Laces Out". Playing all over the East Coast with Worldeater Records backing them,until Wolves Fight Good records released their final record. The final release, "Grief" will be re-issued in a proper package before 2011. Brutal Doom and Death based on real life problems not just murder and the slaughter of angels. This will be released again through Half/Life productions.
Last known line-up
Adam Schnellenbach - all vocals
Josh Soltroff - drums
Matt Weist - guitar
Marty - bass
Former/past member(s)
Jamie Fleetwood - Bass
Steve Nowakowski - Guitar
Raffi- Bass
Some help was also added by Mark Devito and Joe Buccuto
Additional notes
Released a demo entitled Sacrifyx and an EP entitled Laces Out.
Now called World of Ghosts. They changed to a more Ambient/Progressive style
Sacrifyx Demo-2004
Laces Out EP-2004
Out of the Hydra's Teeth     EP, 2005    
Conflagration     Full-length, 2005 -Released on Worldeater Records    
Grief Full-length, 2006 -Released on Wolves Fight Good and Noise Collection Records.

Agent Failure:
Two Pissed Dudes Making Music:
"Agent Failure is Mark Devito,and Adam Schnellenbach with the help of a few friends and a few substances,These tracks are very raw,and lack vocals (for the most part) so please enjoy."